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How to Add a Virtual Product in WooCommerce?

Set up products in WooCommerce

This article is part of the guide for different product types:

  1. How to Add a Simple Product in WooCommerce?
  2. How to Add a Grouped Product in WooCommerce?
  3. How to Add a Virtual Product in WooCommerce?
  4. How to Add a Downloadable Product in WooCommerce?
  5. How to add an External/Affiliate Product WooCommerce?
  6. How to Add a Variable Product in WooCommerce?

We have already covered a few WooCommerce product types in detail. In this article, we will look into the process of adding virtual products.

Adding a virtual product

The initial process of creating a virtual product is the same as any simple product. You can go to Products → Add Product
Enter the required information such as name, description, categories etc.
To make the product virtual, tick the ‘Virtual’ checkbox on the product type panel. Once you mark a product as virtual, the shipping section disappears from the Product Data metabox.

How to Add a Virtual Product in WooCommerce
Adding a virtual product

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