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How To Add a Simple product in WooCommerce?

Set up products in WooCommerce

This article is part of the guide for different product types:

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A Simple product is the most basic and widely used product type in WooCommerce. It has a single SKU, price and can be shipped. Even though Simple products can have attributes, they do not allow creating variations like color, size and so on. There is only one version of the product. In short, they are a unique and independent product type.

Adding a Simple product in WooCommerce

On the WordPress admin panel, go to Products → Add Product. Click on Add New to get started.

How To Add a Simple product in WooCommerce 1
Add New WooCommerce Product

A new interface opens, where you can add Product name, description, product image and so on. Also, select appropriate product category, tags, and attributes.
A sample screenshot is shown below.

How To Add a Simple product in WooCommerce 2
Adding a new Simple product

Product Data settings

The addition of Product Data section in the lower part of the page sets WooCommerce Product page interface apart, from the default WordPress post or page interface. This section allows you to select the product type and configure its settings. Each product type has a different set of settings.
Choose Simple product option from the dropdown list as shown in the screenshot below.

How To Add a Simple product in WooCommerce 3
Selecting Simple product

The Simple product data settings include:

  • General settings – For configuring regular and sale price of the product.
  • Inventory – Adding SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) and managing stocks.
  • Shipping – Configuring product weights & dimensions, and selecting Shipping class.
  • Linked Products – Selecting products for upsells and cross-sells.
  • Attributes – Allows you to add product attribute for a better description of the product.
  • Advanced settings – Adding purchase notes, menu orders and enabling reviews.

Once all settings are configured, click the Publish button to publish your WooCommerce Simple Product.

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