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How to Add a Downloadable Product in WooCommerce?

Set up products in WooCommerce

This article is part of the guide for different product types:

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  2. How to Add a Grouped Product in WooCommerce?
  3. How to Add a Virtual Product in WooCommerce?
  4. How to Add a Downloadable Product in WooCommerce?
  5. How to add an External/Affiliate Product WooCommerce?
  6. How to Add a Variable Product in WooCommerce?

We have already covered a few WooCommerce product types in detail. In this article, we will look into the process of adding downloadable products.

Adding downloadable products

Firstly, go to Products → Add Product
Similar to how you add virtual products, tick the downloadable product checkbox to make a product downloadable. When you tick the checkbox, the General section of the Product Data metabox displays a few extra fields to add information specific to the downloadable product type. These fields are as follows:

  • Name and File URL – Click the Add file button to enter the name and URL of the downloadable product. Alternatively, you can provide the path for the file by clicking the Choose file button.
  • Download limit – You can specify how many times your customer can re-download the product. To give unlimited re-download option for your customers, keep this field blank.
  • Download expiry – Specify the number of days the download link stays active. After the specified number of days, the link expires.
  • Download type – Choose from three options to specify what kind of downloadable product you are selling. The three available options are:
    • Standard Product
    • Application/Software
    • Music
How to Add a Downloadable Product in WooCommerce
Adding a downloadable product

If there is a physical version of your downloadable product, you can set a shipping cost for that. And if no Physical version is available that needs shipping, you can tick the virtual product checkbox as well.

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