Participate in affiliate marketing

Participate in easily, no capital, just create and share referral links. Automated and transparent system, as a great opportunity for long-term business cooperation.
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    Share link on forum, facebook, blog, email etc...

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    Click the link and buy the product.

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    The system will automatically calculate the commission rate for you.

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    Commissions will automatically be transferred to your account.

  • 3% commission for advertising services.
  • 15% commission for website design services.
  • 10% commission for other services.
  • Cookies are recorded for 90 days. When someone visits via referral link and buys any product, commission will be charged to you.
  • Cookies are recorded on all pages. That is, you refer customers to buy service A, but customers buy service B, you still get a commission.
  • Cookies are NOT overridden by remarketing ads of

Last Click: If more than one person is referring the same customer, the last one will receive a commission.

Ngân hàng

You are allowed to withdraw money on the 20-25 monthly.

Minimum withdrawal: $25.00. If your income has not reached the minimum withdrawal amount, it will be accumulated to the next month.

Notes: ““Send us a request when you want to withdraw.”

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